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Hegener-Hachmann expands its cutting capacity through sawmill mechanisation, including a sorting and stacking plant from Kallfass…

With an investment in a new sawmill, Hegener-Hachmann changes its production process and expands its cutting capacity
In the Hochsauerland District, in the east of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, a complete new sawmill is under construction. In the future this sawmill will also serve other SMEs as an example of how the use of round timber can be improved and the efficiency of sawmill production can be increased: The Hegener-Hachmann GmbH & Co. KG had submitted its investment project in April 2017 for the “Resource NRW” call for the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises and received the funding decision in November 2017. The system will go into trial operation in October and will then be open to all interested parties for viewing.


Kallfass sorting system with 50 inclined boxes for triple allocation

The Kallfass multiple crosscut saw produces cutting lengths as short as 600 mm

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System configuration


Kallfass from Baiersbronn, Germany, supplied the sawmill mechanisation and the sorting and stacking plant. The material to be cut travels at a speed of 60 to 80 cycles/min from the resaw or from the log band saw or the gang saw and can be transported via curve conveyors both to the stacking unit and to the sorting system. The aim is to send over 70% of the production directly to the stacking unit. Eine Mehrfach-Ablängsäge kann Schnittlängen bis zu minimal 600 mm erzeugen, für die Stapelung müssen Längen unter 800 mm allerdings mit einer Doppellänge in der ersten Paketlage abgestapelt werden. Die Stapelmaschine mit automatischer Lattenlegung bildet 8 bis 10 Lagen pro Minute.


The sorting system can handle a maximum width of 280 mm and a maximum thickness of 100 mm. The incoming timber is measured in a grid of 500 mm. The sorting system has a capacity of up to 60 cycles/min. There are 50 inclined boxes available, having a volume of 3 m³ each, which can be filled with up to three different widths. Subsequently, a re-sorting unit upstream of the stacking system, from which two widths of the timber are returned for sorting purposes.


The minimum cutting lengths of a multiple crosscut saw is 600 mm, however, lengths shorter than 800 mm must be stacked with a double length in the first package length. A stacker with an automatic batten laying function forms 8 to 10 layers per minute.


Lighthouse Project in North Rhine-Westphalia


The state government of NRW recognises the company as a nationwide lighthouse project (a model project that aims to have a signal effect for numerous follow-up projects). Visits are possible by arrangement with business partners Hegener-Hachmann and von Weichs. Commissioning of the sawmill is scheduled for mid-October.


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