Sonderlösung: Regalbediengerät mit Hochregallager EN Special solution: Storage & Retrieval System with high-bay warehouse

Rapid availability and space-saving storage of large format multi-layer panels.

Space-saving storage of large format multi-layer panels

Initial situation

In the absence of an alternative, our customer was storing his multi-layer panels with their sensitive surfaces on the floor of the factory. The wood packages of large format, heavy panels took up a lot of space and made rapid provision of specific panel dimensions very difficult.

Product solution: STORAGE & RETRIEVAL SYSTEM with high-bay warehouse

High-bay warehouses are an ideal solution for small cross laminated timber or glued laminated timber production facilities, enabling intermediate storage of numerous completed multi-layer panels (e.g. for adhesive bonding) on a small footprint. Rapid material availability is achieved where necessary in conjunction with warehouse management software. Kallfass developed a fully automatic 3-axes carriage to service the high-bay warehouse. This storage and retrieval system that operates parallel to the high bays distributes the panels in a horizontal and vertical direction while protecting the material. The system is easy to operate.