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We are looking for talented lateral thinkers, motivated contributors and solution-oriented team players

As a leader in automated wood processing, Kallfass plays in the top league. Our systems in special machine engineering are in great demand all over the world, our projects are complex and implementation is demanding, as nothing we provide is an off-the-shelf solution.


... and to reshape your future career. Join us to exploit your potential. In addition to you profiting from this, we also benefit from your experience. The time is right to venture a new beginning!


  • Group accident insurance
    80% of all accidents occur in a private environment and, consequently, are not covered by statutory accident insurance. To avoid this, we offer a company group accident insurance policy which is free for our employees and, for example, can also be used for sport accidents.
  • Supplementary health insurance
    Health is important and medical insurance is expensive. Our employees can therefore avail of free supplementary health insurance. Additional payments (depending on the type of benefit) from the insurer can be exploited up to an amount of maximum EUR 300 per annum. Examples include dental services, glasses or contact lenses, voluntary benefits, vaccinations and much more.
  • Company pension scheme
    Thinking of tomorrow today. We help you to think about your retirement plan, along with arranging a consultation with our insurance broker who will prepare and individual offer for you for a tax-deductible direct insurance policy.
  • VCapital accumulation benefits
    We pay you capital accumulation benefits which you can use for wealth creation (e.g. for your bank savings plan, home/building loan account, fund savings plan and, also, building loan repayments).
  • Tax-free benefits in kind
    In addition to your wages/salary, we grant you tax-free fuel, supermarket or adventure vouchers. This represents a little everyday cost relief and our contribution to a better quality of life.
  • Participation in childcare costs
    Go to work with the comfort of knowing the children are being well cared for. We support you in this and contribute to your childcare costs for day care facilities and kindergartens (following submission of a certificate) with up to EUR 60 per month per child.
  • Parental leave
    Taking time off to be with your family and still staying on the ball professionally. Under certain conditions and when the workplace is meant for it, mothers and fathers can take part-time parental leave at KALLFASS in agreement with the management. The statutory provisions shall apply to the extent, duraion, and time limits.
  • Bicycle and e-bike leasing
    Fitness efforts need to be encouraged and supported. We provide an option to lease a bicycle or e-bike from JobRad® and simultaneously enjoy tax advantages. Find out more: JobRad®

Work Life Balance


Not found the right vacancy?

Even if you have not found anything to suit you among the jobs advertised, we would still very much like to make your acquaintance. We are always looking for people to strengthen our team. Please send us your application and impress us with your skills.

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We promote young talent. With future-oriented training, we ensure an optimum start in professional life and offer career entrants a variety of opportunities. From apprenticeships to internships, student traineeships, theses and part-time studies.

Apprenticeships & study places

During your dual training (in-house and vocational school), you will learn to analyse processes, design changes to mechatronic systems, wire control cabinets, install and commission systems and write control programs.
During your dual training (in-house and vocational school), you will learn sawing, turning, milling, drilling, grinding, welding, soldering, measuring and assembling of automation systems.
In addition to apprenticeships, we also offer vocational academy study places. Studying with practical relevance in mechanical and electrical engineering.


You don't yet know what to do after school, but you are interested in technology and like to work with metal? Why not help out in production once a week in the afternoon after school or during the school holidays and gain practical experience?

Send applications for internships and holiday jobs to:

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