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Quicker, simpler and more flexible production: The Kallfass robot solution for automated filling of stick magazines…

More flexible and quicker production through automation

Quicker, easier, more flexible. These are all requirements which a modern timber production facility designed for different product dimensions needs to meet. The focus on the product needs to change to a focus on the process to achieve this, as processes can be actively influenced.

Kallfass, the automation specialist from Klosterreichenbach/DE, analyses the customer’s production goals and framework conditions that define the automation level of the plant. After all, the ratio between sawmill capacity and the extent of investment must be exactly right.

Robot versus personnel costs

Potential upgrades which can be exploited in automation include the use of a robot to take the place of pick & place handling which otherwise involves a high level of human resources. In the case of production involving large batches per timber dimension, this investment can pay off very quickly in the form of savings in personnel costs.

Kallfass has offered a fully automated stick handling system since last year. Time-consuming filling of the stick magazine is realised by a robot that accomplishes charging with practically no human intervention and at a consistent cycle rate. In addition, a stick scanner can be used prior to magazine filling that assesses the quality of the sticks. Only suitable sticks are separated, packetised and then prepared for robot filling.


Robot solution for automated filling of stick magazines

Holzkurier 34/2020