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Efficient and flexible
Efficient and flexible

Filling at a high cycle rate


Inclined box sorters are generally used in high-performance productions, as they can be filled at a high cycle rate of up to 160 pieces/min. They ensure reliable emptying of material and are therefore particularly recommended for sorting main boards with large material dimensions.

Boxensortierung, Sortierung_Schraegboxen

Sorting with a restricted space requirement


Use of a vertical box sorter can be sensible in confined space conditions, as vertical boxes need less space than inclined boxes and can accommodate more product boxes in the same area. Vertical boxes are mainly used for sorting side boards, as the box geometry makes emptying difficult and is not suitable for large material dimensions. The emptying direction can be suitably adapted to optimise the material flow. Vertical boxes are filled at a cycle rate of 120 pieces/min.

Boxensortiernung, Sortierung_Senkrechtboxen

Timber product assortment


The number of timber products determines the number of boxes. A box should ideally correspond to the volume of a stacked package, with the height of the boxes corresponding to the package cross section.