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Kallfass is a one-stop provider of automation solutions for the production of 8 to 20 m long multi-layer panels...

The topic of cross-laminated timber has become increasingly significant in contemporary timber construction. CLT production is complex and requires extensive space. With plant sizes of up to 200 m in length and 80 m in width, planning frequently has to begin in the “great outdoors” and include the production facility.

Kallfass, the machine manufacturer from Klosterreichenbach in Germany’s northern Black Forest region, regards itself as a solution provider, taking charge of complete project planning for its customers. Production lines, ranging from plants for finger jointing of timber lamellas to single-ply boards to the gluing and pressing of single-ply boards to create cross-laminated timber boards, have already been realised in a variety of configurations in Germany, Austria and Scandinavia. Many years of process experience enable Kallfass to minimise interfaces in its fully automated mechanisation, combining all components to create a highly efficient production line.

The Kallfass CLT press is the latest addition to the range. Development concentrated on achieving a high degree of product precision and quality and reliable creation of a zero joint, regardless of the product dimensions involved.

Available at an attractive price, the Kallfass CLT press combines single-ply boards measuring 8 to 20 m in length to create multi-layer panels

A hydraulic concept based on quasi-isobaric pressing that enables the generation of both vertical and transverse pressure is at the core of the Kallfass cycle press. Pressure control ensures a constant pressing force of at least 1 N / mm² over the entire board surface, even where a maximum board width of 3.6 m is involved. Combined with quick-bonding polyurethane adhesives and fully automated charging / emptying, this enables the achievement of short cycle times and maximum production capacity.