Betreuungsmodell Elternteilzeit EN Parental part-time work care model

Taking time off to be with your family and still staying on the ball professionally! At KALLFASS, employees are able to work part-time during parental leave, with a temporary, reduced working time as an alternative to full-time.

The early years of a child's development are one of the most significant periods and are an important time in order to build an intensive bond. Part-time parental leave is a great alternative to full-time work. It allows mothers and fathers to be able to strike a balance between family and career. Fewer hours can be worked and working hours can be arranged differently. Contrary to “regular” part-time work, the employee is also entitled to the original contractually agreed upon working hours again after the parental part-time work has expired. Furthermore, there is special protection from termination of employment whilst this part-time parental leave is in place.

The legislator has provided for a total duration of 36 months for parental part-time work. Of these 36 months, at least 12 months must be before the child’s third birthday. The extent and duration of part-time work can be determined individually. Although, there is still an entitlement to parental allowance; however, the remuneration for the part-time work is considered.

Karriere und Elternzeit bei Kallfass

What are the conditions for parental part-time work?

In order for this care model to be effective, the workplace must be suitable for part-time work and the employment relationship must last longer than six months without interruptions. The weekly number of hours is between 15 and 32 hours for part-time workers. The type and extent of part-time work must be synchronized with the management. Early arrangements help to pave the way, especially with regard to avoiding potential problems. Moreover, it is important that part-time work is applied for in writing in a timely manner. The deadlines are 7 weeks if the child is younger than 3 years and 13 weeks if the child is between 3 and 8 years old.

At KALLFASS, this care model has already been implemented several times and even employees in managerial positions have been able to take advantage of parental part-time work. The be-all and end-all is good planning and adherence to the agreements. This will ensure a smooth parental leave.

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