Ausreichend Druck auf jedem Quadratmillimeter EN Adequate pressure on every square millimetre

Kallfass, has expanded its product portfolio for cross-laminated timber (CLT) production with its own CLT press and can now supply a complete mechanisation system, from the package pick-up to the acceptance of the finished pressed elements.

With its CLT press, Kallfass meets the high demands that cross laminated timber producers make of flexible production. The panels are joined according to the zero joint principle. Process reliability is the top priority. There can be no compromising here if high panel quality and good approval values are to be achieved.

Kallfass, the automation professional from Klosterreichenbach/Germany, has already realised extensive mechanisation systems for CLT production in the past, including the KLH plant in Wiesenau, Austria and, also, various Stora Enso facilities in Ybbs and Bad St. Leonhard in Austria and Gruvön in Sweden. Kallfass incorporated the experience gained from this into the plant configuration at Stora Enso in Ždirec/Czech Republic last year. For the first time, an overall concept consisting of mechanisation and the company's own CLT press was offered, and another project with a CLT press is already in the implementation phase at best wood Schneider in Messkirch.

Pressing with maximum safety

Minimising interfaces is one of the central goals in every CLT plant. The step towards realisation of its own CLT press now offers Kallfass the opportunity to act as a main supplier for cross laminated timber production and optimally network production with a coordinated control concept. CLT process data and parameters can be recorded and archived on the master computer. For pressing, the press cake, which consists of single board layers glued crosswise and with a maximum height of 600 mm, is moved via a conveyor belt into the Kallfass CLT press. The CLT press consists of several press segments. The conveyor is reversible to enable return trips or emergency pressing in the event of a malfunction. This means that no valuable raw material is wasted and a degree of flexibility is achieved in production.

Kallfass CLT Press, BSP Presse

Flexible pressure

Pressing of single to multi-layer panels is realised with low maximum tolerance values of only 0.1 mm. This zero joint is achieved through a very high vertical pressing force of 1N/mm² in combination with uniform pressure distribution across the entire panel surface. Four cylinders are employed in each press row to ensure that the pressure is applied to every square millimetre. The pressure build-up is automatically controlled and adapted to the respective panel size, taking into account the elastic behaviour of wood. Furthermore, only those units and press punches required for the panel size are actuated. A speedier pressure build-up is achieved by pre-positioning the press plungers. Kallfass can supply its press with additional transverse pressure if wooden lamellas are to be pressed.

One press for numerous formats

The CLT press from Kallfass presses panel lengths from 8,000 to 16,000 mm and widths from 2,000 mm to 3,600 mm in a single pass. Individual panels can, at the customer's request, be automatically pushed off at the dry joint after the pressing process and separated again before being transferred to sanding machines or portal processing systems for further processing. When maintenance work is due, the press rams can be mechanically locked in the upper end positions to protect operating personnel. A continuous platform above the press facilitates accessing of hydraulic and electric systems.

Kallfass CLT Press, BSP Presse

Kallfass CLT Press

Source: Wood Biz Africa
Issue 25