Stapeln mit Umreifen EN Stacking with strapping

Time-saving process solutions
Time-saving process solutions

Fully automatic material flow

STACKING: Shipping packages

Stacking of timber (including in multiple lengths) can be realised with placement forks or vacuum lifters, with the timber being collected in layers and deposited layer by layer on the shipping package to be formed. Dispatch strips can be laid between several layers to stabilise the shipping package. Strip laying is automatic. Where necessary, the shipping package is stabilised additionally through final strapping. Squared timbers can be optionally included on the package underside, and the packages can be pressed hydraulically together if desired. Customers who do not wish to have stabilising strips (e.g. because the package only needs to be transported within the company) may avail of offset stacking.


Effective air circulation, thanks to dry sticks

STACKING: Kiln packages

Wooden sticks are laid between each layer when stacking timber that is still damp in kiln packages. The intermediate sticks ensure adequate air circulation during drying and accelerate the drying process. The drying sticks are laid by stick magazines.
Option: Workpieces of different widths can also be stacked with spacing with the aid of a servo slide.