Schienentransport von Großpaketen

Sonderlösung: Beschickung von Trockenkammern mit Großpaketen EN Loading of drying chambers with large packages

Loading of drying chambers with large packages

Initial situation

It is best to load the channel dryers with large packages to reduce logistics costs for optimal utilisation. But automating these drying packs, which weigh up to 30 tonnes and are 6 m high, in often confined spaces is a challenge, and using forklift trucks causes increased repair and personnel costs.

Product solution: Automation on rails in a closed-loop system

The sawn timber is stacked into large packages on transport carts; the stack package is then pulled out of the hoist towards a shuttle and pushed onto it. The shuttle travels along a track channel with the drying pack and pushes the pack hydraulically onto the rails of the drying chamber. A buffer zone for empty transport carts ensures a closed-loop operation.



Sonderlösung: Schrägaufzug EN Special solution: Inclined lift



Transport of large format panels over several floors

Initial situation

Structural conditions meant that CLT panels had to be processed separately on two different floors at our customer’s facility. A classic lift in the building was incapable of accommodating and transporting the large panels. A transportation solution from outside was required which did not comprise the access approach for trucks.

Product solution: INCLINED LIFT

To keep the access approach for trucks free, an external lift with an incline of 38° was developed that runs at an angle to the outer wall. Each individual board is conveyed safely upwards and downwards with a minimum of mechanical surface stress.


Sonderlösung: Regalbediengerät mit Hochregallager EN Special solution: Storage & Retrieval System with high-bay warehouse

Space-saving storage of large format multi-layer panels

Initial situation

In the absence of an alternative, our customer was storing his multi-layer panels with their sensitive surfaces on the floor of the factory. The wood packages of large format, heavy panels took up a lot of space and made rapid provision of specific panel dimensions very difficult.

Product solution: STORAGE & RETRIEVAL SYSTEM with high-bay warehouse

High-bay warehouses are an ideal solution for small cross laminated timber or glued laminated timber production facilities, enabling intermediate storage of numerous completed multi-layer panels (e.g. for adhesive bonding) on a small footprint. Rapid material availability is achieved where necessary in conjunction with warehouse management software. Kallfass developed a fully automatic 3-axes carriage to service the high-bay warehouse. This storage and retrieval system that operates parallel to the high bays distributes the panels in a horizontal and vertical direction while protecting the material. The system is easy to operate.



Sonderlösung: Rippenpresse EN Special solution: Ribbed press



Prototype construction – Development of pressing technology for a new CLT product

Initial situation

The task for our customer was to provide support during prototype development of an innovative hollow box ceiling element for timber construction and design the process technology required for this.

Product solution: RIBBED PRESS

key process in production of a hollow box ceiling of this kind is the vertical pressing of glued laminated timber ribs with multi-layer CLT panels. As conventionally available presses were unsuitable for this task, the Kallfass team developed ribbed press designed to suit this product which can work with a high degree of product precision.